FileCab is a web app prototype for a tag-based, digital file management service. The app is built using React with node.js express and features file tagging, rich metadata, and versioning. The idea was inspired by git but uses a custom version control implementation utilizing a relational database and disk for data blobs. The prototype was designed to showcase a user experience that solely uses tags to browse for files, instead of directories. Other features that could be added in the future are auto tagging based on rules, strong encryption, automatic offsite backup, and attaching other storage types such as Google Drive, SMB, Webdav and more.

As more of our content transitions into a digital format, the average person is finding it more and more challenging to be able to manage all that content. FileCab simplifies that management and automates all of the backup everyone should be doing while keeping their data private in the cloud or on a self-hosted server of their choice.

The FileCab prototype is available at

Username: demo, Password: demo

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